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If you became our franchisee, you can officially organize the Start-Up Show in your city and thereby contribute to the development of the digital economy.

You will receive all the privileges of the brand, our know-how and join the team of successful people. We believe that this desire is the key to success in business.

Become a Franchise Owner
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Our franchisee
For us, the desire to share our values of our franchisee is of great significance.
You will have to provide the following:
Pick up the "Premises"
The venue should be the most popular among the most prosperous audience of your city, with accommodation for more than 200 people, to be facilitated with: modern light, sound, microphones, stage, LED screen, or screen with projector, pyrotechnic equipment, technical and administrative staff.
Make an engagement with "Super Guest"
The Super Guest is the charismatic attraction of the show, for whom the majority of elite of your city should rush in for the evening of the Start-Up Show.
A Super Guest preferably is a person on the Forbes list or a known CEO.
Gather pool of "Info-partners"
Electronic media and bloggers like no others are interested in your content, that's why you will need to create a pool to the tune of 100 info-partners who will proliferate your info-content.
Launch the "Campaign"
You need to create photo and video content and launch a targeted advertising campaign in Social Networks, with the goal of generating traffic: viewers, start-ups, sponsors, partners and the media.
Select "Start-ups"
Through selection, you must choose the best and the most interesting and trial run their projects through the IIDF trackers.
Engage the "Experts"
Experts are private investors, funds, incubators, accelerators and well-known businessmen, politicians, sportsmen and celebrities of the city, interested in new technologies and investments in start-ups.
Attract "Sponsors"
Sponsors are large companies paying special attention to "Customer Service", having different budgets and interested in "Quality Communication" with their VIP clients and attracting new ones.
Choose "Video Production"
Live air is an integral part of the Start-Up Show.
Therefore, you will need to choose the appropriate level of imagery production, which will be able to perform all the technical tasks facing.

From all earnings, less taxes and fees
Normally the involved party pays us 20% of the amount of sales in the evening of Start-Up Show event.
Participation in Startup show in Russia is charged 55.000 RUB, arrangement abroad costs $1,500.
Tickets cost: $ 50 - 1000 dollars
There is sponsorship package of
$17.500 that allows you to realize different kinds of marketing activities (discounts up to -70%)
Loyalty programs
We sell tickets not only through specialized websites but also through major "Loyalty Programs"
At the end of the show investors might enter into contracts with Start-Ups. From each contract we have a Commission of 10%.
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