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Dmitry Potapenko
StartUp Show Challenge Tour
Every Thursday at 16:00, Dmitry Potapenko and Ivan Alyokhin will conduct contests among start-ups from all regions of Russia and the CIS via Skype online.

Dmitry Kalayev, the Director of the IIDF accelerator, and other invited experts and venture investors will select and evaluate start-ups.

The events are live broadcasted in the Social Networks such as YouTube, Facebook and VK for an audience of more than 2 million subscribers.

The best start-ups will get real investments and will go to the Start Up Show in Moscow, and the winners will go to the Start Up Show in Dubai, perform their projects before the Arab investors.

Every Thursday, at 16:00
Top experts and investors are online

live every Thursday at 16:00
Dmitry Potapenko
Management Development Group
Nikolay Krainov
Venture Capitalist
Dmitry Kalaev
Ivan Alekhin
Innovative Russia
StartUp Show Challenge Tour
A unique opportunity to tell about our project to our venture investors who will assess and choose the most interesting start-ups, the best of which will be invited to perform at the Start-Up Show in Moscow.
StartUp Show Moscow
At the Start-Up Show in Moscow, venture investors do not only evaluate start-ups, but also "fight with the ruble", for the right to invest in them.
The most successful projects will win a tour to Start-Up Show in Dubai.

StartUp Show Dubai
Successfully passing through the two previous stages, you will have a unique opportunity to present your project to well-known Arab investors and businessmen from the Forbes list, as well as to get excellent experience of international presentations and publicity.
We have prepared for you two options for participation - chargeable and free.
Choose the most suitable tariff for you and remember that $ 1.000.000 is at stake, which will be invested in the most interesting start-ups,
and the fate of your project depends on how you will prepare your presentation.

In case of successful passing through the qualifying round
you fall into the accelerator of the IIDF ( Internet Initiatives Development Fund)

During acceleration start-ups get 37 thousand dollars for 7% shares of business.

After the acceleration program, some companies receive an investment
proposal from the IIDF of 440 thousand dollars with a share of 2.25% to 40%

The mature companies have the opportunity to attract from the IIDF
up to 5,7 million dollars with a share of from 15% to 40%

Free of charge
1. You send a presentation
2. Investors discuss your start-up in live broadcast
3. A video footage of decision making process on your start-up will be posted on YouTube on the Start-Up Show Channel

Fill in the form
$ 175
1. One of our experts (tracker) will work with your project - to help keep focus on the result.
2. For the greatest Wow effect, we update your presentation, according to the expectations of experts.
3. On the air, you present your project to investors and persuade them to invest in your project
4. Video recording of discussion of your start-up, will be posted on various channels in Social Networks with a coverage of more than 2 million subscribers.
5. If you successfully passing through the qualifying round, you are promoted to the accelerator of the IIDF.

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We are very pleased to see our viewers and we are eagerly waiting to see their reaction to the presentation of our start-ups.
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